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We are proud to announce the addition of the latest Corneal Topographer now in use at Envision Eye Care- Pittsburgh!

Keratograph 5M Corneal Topographer

This Keratograph – 5M (color camera) images the cornea, the clear domed portion of the front of the eye and provides us with data necessary to evaluate the true topography (high and low points) of the cornea. This data is needed when determining candidates for refractive conditions such as Lasik or PRK. This also helps us to detect and monitor conditions such as astigmatism (regular and irregular), corneal degeneration as well as identifying conditions such as Keratoconus and post corneal transplants. With this data, we can design, prescribe and fit standard, specialty custom and medically necessary contact lenses with precise accuracy.

This camera also helps us in the detection and management of the Dry Eye patient. The 5M can measure and analyze the eye’s tear film, the quantity, and quality of meibomian glands and helps us chart the progression or improvement of insufficient tear film conditions.

Next time you’re in our office, let us introduce you to this “front of the eye” advanced technology, the Keratograph 5M topographer/tear analyzer.